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Celtic Leather Journals

Our rustic yet stylish Celtic Leather Journals are handmade by a small family business in India. They have been expertly crafted using a mixture of contemporary and traditional methods and the pages have been bound by hand, making them strong and perfect for traveling.

Each journal contains approximately 125 pages of unlined paper made from recycle, acid-free cotton, which is a beautiful paper to write or draw on. The paper is very easy to write on but does have a slight texture. We do not recommend using ink with this type of handmade paper; ball point or gel pens will work the best.

The embossing on these journals has been done with love, care and individual small handmade tools, making each journal unique. Due to the handmade nature of this leather journal, the small details of the embossed pattern might not be the same as on the images but the 'Celtic element of the design will be the same as shown. The leather has been tanned by our suppliers using a natural dye and then put together using a mixture of love, contemporary and traditional skills.


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